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Company Culture

Company Profile

Burlington Capital Properties (BCP) serves as an all-encompassing property management company, responsible for the supervision of a varied portfolio comprising over 11,000 units. This portfolio extends to include multifamily, student, and military housing throughout the United States. Positioned strategically, we are ready to embrace new management opportunities, driven by our core goal to enhance the overall performance and value of every property under our stewardship. As a subsidiary of Burlington Capital, a distinguished authority in property management, development, investment management, and emerging markets, BCP significantly contributes to the overarching expertise and leadership within the Burlington Capital family.

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Why Burlington Capital Properties?


Expertise with over three decades of experience in the property management industry, we have successfully managed properties in 40 states. Our seasoned personnel, coupled with our practical industry knowledge, empower us to implement innovative management techniques that ultimately benefit our clients, investors, and residents.

Recognized Leadership

Burlington Capital Properties holds the prestigious designation of an Accredited Management Organization (AMO), the highest level of recognition bestowed upon real estate management firms. Conferred by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), the AMO designation is reserved for the nation's top management companies.

Diverse Debt Management

Our track record includes successful management of properties with various debt structures, such as conventional financing, tax-exempt and taxable bonds, low-income housing bonds, Section 42 LIHTC, HUD, and tax increment financing (TIF).

Nationwide Presence

Currently, we manage properties situated throughout the United States, operating in a multitude of diverse markets.

High-Quality Personnel

At BCP, we consider motivated and experienced site employees who understand the needs of our residents as the company's most valuable assets. Burlington Capital Properties has attracted highly qualified site personnel, providing them with added responsibilities to make informed property management decisions.

Employee Evaluation Criteria

Our employee evaluation process is based on the quantity and quality of work performed, job knowledge, initiative, ability to learn, dependability, and teamwork attitude.

OneSite Software

Utilizing the industry-leading web-based property management software, OneSite, our institutional-quality system offers real-time data, universal availability, and customized reports for management, supervision, and ownership. OneSite features back-office accounting and real-time visibility into rental operations and financial activities. Internet Capabilities We harness both Internet and Intranet technology applications that provide real-time data for identifying trends and implementing action plans as needed.

Flexible Reporting with OneSite

OneSite Reporting offers hundreds of customizable reports to meet the unique needs of our clients and staff.

Marketing Excellence

Our exclusive in-house marketing group ensures our materials are unique, meeting our needs quickly and creatively. We have crafted and stocked creative plans, and our graphic designers are always ready to collaborate on any new ideas that may be needed.

Third Party Property Management

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We manage every property like we own it.

  • Our team is client-driven, service oriented and committed to your success.
  • We are a team of strategic planners that assist in decision making and property positioning strategies.
  • We employ in-house creative service resources to assist property managers with marketing, social media and reputation management.
  • Customized reporting and analytics that drive strategic decisions.
  • National affiliations and participation to ensure we are on the leading edge of new technologies and industry trends.

Our Mission

  • Burlington Capital Properties is an employee owned multifamily management organization committed to delivering excellent performance and service to our investors, clients and residents.
  • We are a team of outstanding and dedicated people.
  • Empowered to achieve and expected to attain superior results.
  • Acting at all times with integrity and loyalty.
  • Entrepreneurial in practice and spirit.
  • With a conservative attitude toward risk and a hands-on approach toward managing investments and properties.
  • Dedicated to family and to making a difference in the communities where we work and live.
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